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OrthoMouse™      (black only)

The OrthoMouse is designed so that is supports the hand and fingers evenly while they adopt the correct position. 

The thumb remains in "Opposition" to the other fingers permanently, which is the main exclusive characteristic of the human hand.  It allows control sensibility and precision, since the fingers assume a position very similar to the one during writing.

The thumb on the OrthoMouse is responsible for the scroll features - you move it up for scrolling upwards, down for downward scrolling and press the thumb mid button for the "scrolling click"

Does it have different sizes? How do I know it will fit my hand?
Not all hands are alike.  The OrthoMouse is adaptable tot th size, shape and function of your hand and fingers by means of special adapters that are easy to exchange and are all included in the package.  You choose and insert the adapter that fits your hand best and feels most comfortable among six possible shape configurations.

Size:  Height 65mm     Width: 82mm
Length with the short prolonger: 113mm; Length with the Med Prolonger: 121mm
Length with the long prolo0nger: 136mm

5 buttons, 6 different shape configurations; Optical Technology -800dpi plug & Play; Ultra-flexible 1.8m cord. USB Interface
Operation Systems Compatibility
Windows: Vista/XP/2000/ME/98 SE/NT 4.0 SP6
Macintosh: Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x; Mac OS X 10.1x to 10.3x or newer
Linux: Kernel 2.4 or newer, with USB Support

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